IQCC Science Slam, May 13, 09.30h

Since 2015 the IQCC is organizing a Science Slam (firstsecond, third edition). Next week on Monday May 13 the IQCC organizes the fourth edition to show the most representative research projects of the Institute to a wide audience. The research carried out within each of the research teams of the IQCC will be briefly summarized by the PIs (2 minutes), and then one of the current research topics of the team is being explained in more detail (5 minutes) by a young researcher.

If you are interested in joining one of the research lines, we have Summer Fellowships available (deadline May 20)!!

The schedule of the Science Slam is as follows:

 09.30h Opening
Lluís Blancafort
Combining neutrons and photons to fight against cancer
Gerard Riesco
Dexifrant la melanina
Alicia Casitas
Explorant cap a la Innovació i Sostenibilitat a la Química Orgànica: Catàlisi amb metalls abundants de la primera serie de transició
Merve Gözdenur Demirbek
Insights into First-row Transition Metal Catalysis for C-H Functionalization Reactions
Josep M. Luis
Desconstruir per predir
Pau Besalú
Reactivity induced by oriented external electric fields
Anna Company
Molècules molt reactives vistes de més a prop
Carla Magallón Gubau
Synthesis and characterization of organoiron complexes
Albert Poater
Química verda a través d’un ordinador
Sílvia Escayola
Computational look to experimentally silent items
Agustí Lledó
Confined spaces of molecular dimensions: inspiration from nature and applications
Ricard López Coll
Receptors moleculars: modelatge computacional, disseny racional i síntesi
Marcel Swart
Donant voltes a catàlisi amb metalls
Olga Stasyuk
Peptides and oxo-iron – a happy couple for catalysis
 10.45h Coffee break
Miquel Costas
Química de coordinació; una caixa d’eines pel meu metall
Mònica Rodriguez
An organometallic twist to biological inorganic reactivity
Ferran Feixas
Disseny d’enzims per a la producció de fàrmacs
Miguel Angel Maria-Solano
Design of Tryptophan Synthases for the production of L-Tryptophan derivatives
Xavi Ribas
Atrapant intermedis de reacció catalítics: plataformes models i espais confinats
Carles Fuertes
Supramolecular Fullerene Sponges as Catalytic Masks for Regioselective Functionalization of C60
Miquel Solà
El Regne de les nanoestructures de carboni
Antony Stasyuk
Stereoisomeric diversity in Photoinduced Electron Transfer
Anna Roglans
Com construir complexitat molecular
Jordi Vila Vadrí
1,5-Bisallenes and rhodium: an easy access to seven-membered heterocycles
Miquel Duran
De la recerca a la societat: conceptes complexos, explicació planera
Pedro Salvador
Master in Advanced Catalysis and Molecular Modelling (MACMoM)
 12.20h Closing

The 5 minute talks are highlighted.


The fourth edition of the Science Slam will take place on Monday May 13, 09.30-12.30h, at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Sciences (UdG).

We are looking forward to welcoming you there!
Update, some pictures of the event: