Month: August 2021

Unexpected Disparity in Photoinduced Reactions of C60 and C70 in Water with the Generation of superoxide or singlet-oxygen

Well-defined fullerene-PEG conjugates, C60-PEG (1) and two C70-PEG (2 and 3 with the addition sites on ab-[6,6] and cc-[6,6]-junctions), were prepared from their corresponding Prato monoadduct precursors. The resulting highly water-soluble fullerene-PEG conjugates 1–3 were evaluated for their DNA-cleaving activities and reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation under visible light irradiation. Unexpectedly, photoinduced cleavage of DNA by C60-PEG 1 was much higher than that by

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Cover JMaterChemC on photo-induced electron transfer in mechanically interlocked suit[3]ane systems

The journal Journal of Materials Chemistry C features on its front cover the recently published paper “Photoinduced electron transfer in mechanically interlocked suit[3]ane systems”. Suitanes, a new class of two-component mechanically interlocked systems, have recently been developed. In this work, we report a detailed study of photoinduced electron-transfer processes in suit[3]anes consisting of a 3-fold

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