Month: December 2019

Sequential Oxidation and C-H Bond Activation at a Gallium(I) Center

In situ oxidation of the GaI compound NacNacGa by either N2O or pyridine oxide results in the generation of a labile monomeric oxide, NacNacGa(O), which can easily cleave the C?H bonds of aliphatic and aromatic substrates featuring good donor sites. The products of this reaction are gallium organyl hydroxides. DFT calculations show that these reactions

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IQCC Forum: Xmas 2019 edition

Next Thursday, 19 december, 10.30-13.15h, will take place the Christmas edition of the IQCC Forum, a quarterly meeting-place where high-quality science will be discussed. The IQCC Forum provides the opportunity for young researchers (and more advanced researchers) to present their work to a wide audience. This will lead to better knowledge of the work that is being

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Understanding the bottlenecks of the reduction of carbon dioxide

The burning of fossil fuels is causing a global climatic emergency. In order to solve this crisis, it is very important to improve the efficiency of the production of renewable energies by transforming carbon dioxide into carbon-based fuels. Recently, IQCC researcher Josep M. Luis in collaboration with ICIQ’s Lloret group, determined the mechanism and bottlenecks

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