Here you will find all information about the different aspects of the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC) of the University of Girona (UdG). Irrespective if you are looking for information about our research, master and PhD theses, education possibilities, or outreach activities, you have come to the right place.

In terms of our Institute’s values, we strive for the highest standards of integrity and intellectual and creative excellence. We value originality, honesty, audacity, and the free exchange of ideas and information. We love discovery and exploration, challenging our assumptions and absorbing knowledge from others with fearless curiosity. We work hard to make our Institute a kind and inclusive environment where people from various backgrounds can develop and where everyone has a sense of belonging.

As to the mission of our Institute, the IQCC aims to improve society by advancing towards a more sustainable and innovative society through science, education, and research. The IQCC operates internationally and uses its innovative research strength to attract and train talent for the future. Moreover, the IQCC engages with the Girona region for strengthening and shaping science outreach, communication of science and scientific research, and raising awareness through education and information.

Our institute is built primarily upon Chemistry, the central science of life, which connects the disciplines of Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and Medicine. Aspects of these five sciences are well reflected by the knowledge created in our institute, where collaborative efforts are the main instruments of our daily business. It is almost unthinkable nowadays to have a research project based on only either lab work or calculations. Through the combination of these two, a deeper understanding is gained of the chemical processes that are taking place.

The four cornerstones of our institute are Research, Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT), Education, and Outreach to society. Research is our core activity, and focuses on four main topics:

  • Computational Chemistry Tools
  • Sustainable Catalysis
  • Predictive Chemistry at the Confined Space

Education covers the whole range from secondary school to doctoral studies and beyond, including our Master on Advanced Catalysis and Molecular Modeling. We want to provide our students and young researchers with the best environment to develop their talent and launch their careers.

Our outreach activities want to bring science closer to society by transferring our knowledge to industry and promoting science, in particular chemistry, amongst students and the general public, in collaboration with the Catedra of Scientific Communication and Digital Culture of the UdG (C4D).

I hope you enjoy your visit to our corner of the world wide web.

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