Month: September 2016

Girona Seminar Offspring: Where does the proton go?

One of the Plenary Speakers of the Girona Seminar, Prof. Borovik (UC Irvine), asked Prof. Swart for his help in understanding where the proton goes in a high-valent “Fe(IV)-hydroxo” complex. Together with Adrià Romero, they were able to figure out that there were four viable possibilities where the proton would be either at the “oxo”-oxygen,

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Rapid Hydrogen and Oxygen Atom Transfer by a High-Valent Ni–O Species

Terminal high-valent metal–oxygen species are key reaction intermediates in the catalytic cycle of both enzymes (e.g., oxygenases) and synthetic oxidation catalysts. While tremendous efforts have been directed toward the characterization of the biologically relevant terminal manganese–oxygen and iron–oxygen species, the corresponding analogues based on late-transition metals such as cobalt, nickel or copper are relatively scarce.

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Former IQCC member awarded for best PhD thesis 2015

This September, our former member of IQCC Marc Garcia-Borràs was awarded the Premi Extraordinari for the best PhD thesis in 2015 from the University of Girona. Last year, he defended with success his PhD thesis on “Structure and reactivity of endohedral (metallo)fullerenes”, supervised by Josep M. Luis and Miquel Solà. Now, Marc is continuing his research as a

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