Month: June 2018

Lilly PhD award for Michela Milan

Today the Lilly PhD awards from the RSEQ and Lilly in the field of Organic, Pharmaceutical and Analytical Chemistry were announced. And one of the three winners was Michela Milan from QBIS-Cat and IQCC! Congratulations Michela!

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Talking with… ALICIA CASITAS

Alicia Casitas graduated in Chemistry at the University of Girona in 2007. She finished her PhD in the Institut de Química Computacional i Catàlisi (IQCC) under the supervision of Dr. Miquel Costas and Dr. Xavi Ribas in the field of organometallic copper complexes. Then, she joined the laboratory of Prof. Alois Fürstner in Germany and three

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ChemPhysChem Cover for Sn2 mini-review

Today a mini-review on bimolecular nucleophilic substitution (SN2) reactions was published in ChemPhysChem, by Trevor Hamlin, Marcel Swart and Matthias Bickelhaupt. It describes the dependence of the energy profile on the nucleophile, leaving group, central atom, substituents, and solvent: The reaction potential energy surface (PES), and thus the mechanism of bimolecular nucleophilic substitution (SN2), depends profoundly on

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