Month: November 2018

Interview La Caixa Junior Group Leader Alicia Casitas

Yesterday Alicia Casitas received formally the LaCaixa Junior Group Leader certificate, which she had obtained earlier this year, and which allowed her to start her independent research line at the IQCC. She started working in July, and will be working on “Sustainable Chemical Processes with Earth-Abundant Metals”. During the ceremony Alicia was interviewed (in Spanish)

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Redox-active copper ligands with tunable H-bonding

Today, Marcel Swart, Isaac Garcia-Bosch and co-workers report on catalytic aerobic oxidation of alcohols by copper complexes bearing redox-active ligands with tunable H-bonding groups. They describe the structure, spectroscopy, and reactivity of a family of copper complexes bearing bidentate redox-active ligands that contain H-bonding donor groups. Single-crystal X-ray crystallography shows that these tetracoordinate complexes are stabilized

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