Month: March 2018

Girona Seminar 2018 with a #ChemNobel

In the coming week (April 4-6) there will be the main event of the year: #GirSem18. This three-day conference is the latest in a series of biannual scientific meetings that have taken place since 1993. From 2016 onwards the conference series have one general topic (Predictive Catalysis) that is in line with the research aims of

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Young Researchers Symposium #YRS18

Next Tuesday, April 3, will take place the Young Researchers Symposiumat the Centre Cultural La Mercèin connection with the Girona Seminar (April 4-6). This symposium will be organized for, and by, PhD students in order to showcase their results, and we encourage all participants of the Girona Seminar to also attend this symposium. The organizers

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