One of the priorities of the IQCC is to strengthen the connections with industry, both nationally and internationally. Apart from projects, collaborations, and research stays of undergrad, Master and PhD students, many of the IQCC Alumni find positions within industry in the participating companies. Furthermore, the IQCC also participates actively in the Industrial Doctorates research programme of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with several students having already finished their thesis in collaboration with Concentrol (chemical company in the Girona area), and others have just started on a new joint industry-IQCC PhD thesis.

In order to further extend these collaborative activities, with mutual benefits for both the companies and the IQCC, in 2020 the IQCC started a new series of annual meetings, the IndustryQCC Forums.

A) IndustryQCC Forums

The IndustryQCC Forum provides the opportunity for young (and more advanced) researchers of IQCC to know the research carried out in (bio)chemical industry in different parts of the world, and vice versa, for the companies the meeting provides an opportunity to learn about the research of the IQCC, and meet highly qualified researchers with the potential of becoming future employees. This networking activity encourages creating new connections between IQCC/IQCC-researchers and industry in a relaxed and informal manner. This meeting is organized every year since 2020 during the Science Week.


4rd edition IndustryQCC
16th of November 2023 – virtual
– Concentrol (website)
– UQUIFA (website)
– AGC Pharma Chemicals Europe (website)
– Chemotargets (website)

3rd edition IndustryQCC
17th of November 2022 – virtual
– REPSOL (website)
– Eli Lilly (website)
– AstraZeneca (website)
– Pfizer (website)

2nd edition IndustryQCC Forum
18th of November 2021 – virtual
– Johnson & Johnson Innovation (website)
– NBD Nostrum Biodiscovery (website)
– IRTA (website)
– Huntsman (website)
– Software for Chemistry & Materials (website)

1st edition IndustryQCC Forum
25th November 2020 – virtual
– HIPRA (website)
– Esteve Química (website)
– Medichem (website)
– Concentrol (website)
– Roberlo (website)

B) Collaboration agreement

Continuation of ongoing collaborative research efforts and initiating new joint projects are a high priority for the institute. Actually, there are several collaborations with the private sector.

– Chemotargets (2024) (A. Poater)
– SpiroChem AG (2024) (M. Costas)
– PROTEUS-SEQENS (2022-2024) (S. Osuna)
– Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) (2022-2026) (P. Salvador and J.M. Luis)
– Fundació Instiut Jaume Vicens Vives de Girona (2016-2027) (F. Feixas)
– SCM (2006-2038) (M. Swart)
– Gaussian Inc. (P. Salvador and Ll. Blancafort)
– REPSOL (2023-2024) (M. Garcia-Borràs)

– Laboratorios LETI (2013-2023) (X. Ribas)
– Catexel B.V (2019-2021) (M. Costas)
– HIPRA (2018-2019) (M. Costas)
– XEROS (2017-2019) (A. Pla-Quintana)
– BIOMAR Microbial Technologies (2017-2018) (S. Osuna)
– CNRS – Universite de Toulouse (2016-2018) (X. Ribas and A. Pla-Quintana)
– Adrich (2013-2016) (M. Costas)
– REPSOL (2012-2013) (M. Solà)
– LUCTA (2008-2010) (M. Solà)
– Telefonica (2008-2019) (S. Simon)
– Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera (2013) (S. Simon)
– Fundació Princesa de Girona (2017-2018) (S. Simon)

C) Collaboration with the MACMoM master

Internship in a company is an optional module of the MACMoM Master, in which the students can perform a full-time internship in a company for up to 4-5 months and a total of 750h. In these cases, the Master Thesis is associated with the work carried out in the company, and is co-supervised by a supervisor at the company and a supervisor of the IQCC.

Location: Riudellots de la selva, Girona (Spain)

Location: Strombeek-Bever (Belgium)

Location: Celrà, Girona (Spain)

Location: Riudellots de la Selva, Girona (Spain)

Location: Sant Celoni, Barcelona (Spain)

Location: Ludwigshafen (Germany)

Location: Hostalnou de Bianya, Girona (Spain)

Location: Rubí, Barcelona (Spain)

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Location: Barcelona (Spain)