Month: November 2019

Unraveling mechanisms of cobalt-catalyzed C-H nitration

Previously, an unexpected Co-catalysed remote C-H nitration of 8-aminoquinolinamide compounds was developed. This report provided a novel reactivity for Co and was assumed to proceed through the mechanistic pathway already known for analogous Cu-catalysed remote couplings of the same substrates. In order to shed light into this intriguing, and previously unobserved reactivity for Co, a

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Supramolecular Fullerene Sponges as Catalytic Masks for Regioselective Functionalization of C60

Isomer-pure poly-functionalized fullerenes are required to boost the development of fullerene chemistry in all fields. On a general basis, multi-adduct mixtures with uncontrolled regioselectivity are obtained, and the use of chromatographic purification is prohibitively costly and time consuming, especially in the production of solar cells. Single-isomer poly-functionalized fullerenes are only accessible via stoichiometric, multistep paths

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