Month: October 2016

Second Supramolecular Symposium in Girona

Today took place in Girona the Second Supramolecular Symposium in Girona organized by the IQCC, where we had the pleasure of having three renowned speakers from the field of supramolecular chemistry: Between the three of them, a variety of different topics were discussed, ranging from cavitands, self-assembly, robots, metal-organic frameworks, mathematics, polyoxometalates, philosophy, origin of

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Tuning the reactivity of terminal nickel(III)-oxygen adducts

Two metastable NiIII complexes, [NiIII(OAc)(L)] and [NiIII(ONO2)(L)] (L = N,N’-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-2,6-pyridinedicarboxamidate, OAc = acetate), were prepared, adding to the previously prepared [NiIII(OCO2H)(L)], with the purpose of probing the properties of terminal late-transition metal oxidants. These high-valent oxidants were prepared by the one-electron oxidation of their NiII precursors ([NiII(OAc)(L)]? and [NiII(ONO2)(L)]?) with tris(4-bromophenyl)ammoniumyl hexachloroantimonate. Fascinatingly, the reaction

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Terminal Copper–Nitrene Species in Angewandte Chemie

High-valent terminal copper–nitrene species have been postulated as key intermediates in copper-catalyzed aziridination and amination reactions. The high reactivity of these intermediates has prevented their characterization for decades, thereby making the mechanisms ambiguous. Very recently, the Lewis acid adduct of a copper–nitrene intermediate was trapped at ?90?°C and shown to be active in various oxidation

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