The IQCC is an active source of dissemination and communication activities and has a proven track record in this area. The unit follows two strategies for communication. The first one is direct communication activities of IQCC, by means of corporate platforms (website, social media) and individual promotion by the researchers or research teams. This includes meetings with the general public (e.g. research presentations at high schools). The second one is the alliance with the Unit for Science Culture and Digital Communication (C4D) of the UdG, which is directed by IQCC researcher Dr. Sílvia Simon and can be considered an offspring of the IQCC. Prof. Miquel Duran and Dr. Sílvia Simon (permanent staff of the University and IQCC members) are very experienced researchers in science outreach and communication. The C4D organizes the yearly Researchers’ Night events of the UdG, sponsored by the European Commission, since 2008, and fosters innovation in science communication through the organization of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The C4D also has an innovative line in science communication through magic led by IQCC researcher Prof. Miquel Duran (Magic and Science, financed by FECYT).

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