• Cluster committee

The cluster committee is responsible for all aspects (organization, infrastructure, planning, system admin, user management) related to the main compute cluster (beta). It consists of representatives of different user expertise and requirements.
Members: Lluís Blancafort (president of the committee, memory-intensive calculations); Dani Masó (IQCC technician); Pedro Salvador (developer); Josep M. Luis (permanent research user); Ferran Feixas (permanent research user); Olga Stasyuk (postdoc user); and Roger Monreal-Corona (PhD user)

  • Scientific communication committee

Four times a year, the IQCC organizes a Forum IQCC, where the latest research will be presented by PhD students (close to presenting their thesis, or at the start of their study), postdocs, introducing themselves to the institute, and staff members (for attracting Master and PhD students). These Forums are planned around Researcher’s Night (Sept), Christmas, Easter, and Summer break. Representatives from the different UdG research groups are included together with the head of the C4D unit (Scientific Culture and Digital Communication).
Members: Sílvia Simon (president of the committee, C4D chair); Agustí Lledó (DiMoCat); Ferran Feixas (TCBioSys); Albert Poater (DiMoCat);Teresa Corona (Project Manager IQCC); and Nikolaos Siakavaras (QBISCat).

  • Website committee

The website committee assesses the website, is responsible for bringing new ideas forward (such as the quarterly interviews with new members, or previous members), and implementing ideas put forward by e.g. the SAB or IQCC members or UdG communication unit. It has one vacancy (postdoc) and consists of the following members:
Members: Miquel Solà (president of the committee, IQCC director); Marcel Swart (TCBioSys); Dani Masó (IQCC technician); Teresa Corona (IQCC research manager); Sílvia Simon (C4D chair); and Neus Pagès (PhD student, QBIS – CAT).

  • Gender and diversity committee

The G&D committee will promote a balanced representation in terms of gender and diversity in courses, seminars, and conferences, and encourage balanced nominations for awards and staff positions.
The committee will advise on the implementation of policy for a sustainable and healthy work-life balance, and promote flexible working hours. The committee will provide annual reports with proposals for actions to redress significant imbalances, and monitors the training of researchers and staff for gender and diversity issues.
Members: Anna Company (President, QBIS-CAT); Anna Pla (DiMoCat); Sílvia Osuna (TCBioSys); Janet Sánchez (TCBioSys); and Tània Pèlachs (QBIS-CAT).

  • International Business Council

Members: Dr. Miquel Solà (president of the committee, IQCC director); Dr. Teresa Corona (manager of the IQCC ); Dr. Pere Condom i Vilà (Catalan Goverment); Dr. Maricel Torrent Jerez (principal researcher at AbbVie, Chicago, USA); Dr. Ester Masllorens Llinas (CEO of Axplora); and Mr. Jesús Castañón Fernández (Senior Director of Discovery Chemistry and Technologies at the Lilly company in Alcobendas).