Month: December 2020

A Pseudotetrahedral Terminal Oxoiron(IV) Complex

High-spin (S=2) oxoiron(IV) species act as reactive intermediates in the catalytic cycle of nonheme iron oxygenases. The few available synthetic S=2 Fe(IV)=O complexes known to date are often limited to trigonal bipyramidal and very rarely to octahedral geometries. Herein, Marcel Swart and co-workers describe the generation and characterization of an S=2 pseudotetrahedral Fe(IV)=O complex 2

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Review on aromaticity of nucleic acid bases

The 3D shape and the resulting physicochemical properties of double-helical DNA/RNA structures are determined not only by individual nucleobases, but also by their additive intermolecular interactions. Energetic contribution from aromatic pi-pi stacking to the stabilization of DNA/RNA is not small and sometimes even comparable to that from H-bonding. The basis of the stacking interactions lies

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