International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The UdG has a committee for gender equality to guarantee the university’s 2006 commitment to equal opportunities and a gender perspective in all areas of university life.

The IQCC institute has adopted the promotion of women in chemistry as a medium-term objective that must be achieved by the promotion of female talent through the removal of obstacles to success. In our IQCC institute, 12 of the 30 theses (40%) that were defended in the past five years were presented by women. The institute is composed of 17 women and 42 men, thus 28% of the researchers at the IQCC are women; likewise, the senior permanent staff of the unit consists of 13 men and 6 women (32%), 13% (postdocs), 33% (PhD) and 53% (master). Remarkably, out of the 4 most recent permanent members, 2 are men and 2 are women. Furthermore, the Scientific Advisory Board of the IQCC sets the example with gender-balanced participation of four male and four female experts. A number of measures that the IQCC has adopted:

1) Women’s participation in research (especially post-PhD) and management.

2) A family-friendly working environment.

3) An equal female-male balance of invited lecturers at IQCC seminars and the Girona Seminar conference and evaluation committees.

4) To encourage women to opt for inclusion in the expert databases of the Catalan, Spanish and European evaluation agencies.

5) To celebrate the day of International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

We look forward to seeing you!

International Day of Women and Girls in Science
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