International Day of Women and Girls in Science at IQCC 2023

This coming Saturday (11th of February) is the International day of Women and Girls in Science. The IQCC has currently a rather favourable balance in gender ratio of staff members, both at the Master level (50%), PhD level (38%), postdocs (24%) and permanent researchers staff (29%). Notably, out of the 4 most recent permanent members, 2 are men and 2 are women, reinforcing one of the goals of the IQCC of striving to have a gender-balanced permanent staff in the near future.

In order to celebrate this day of the 11th of February, this week Prof. Sílvia Osuna participated a round-table:”Trencant barreres: claus per ser una dona STEM!” moderated by Dr. Sílvia Simon (Biblioteca Carles Rahola – Girona, 7th Feb). Also, Dr. Sílvia Simon did a talk at DonesNano 2023 (Barcelona – Institut d’Estudis Catalans, 8th Feb) and another talk about “WikiSciW: Wikimedia, Ciencia y Mujeres” at the conference Género y Comunicación de la ciencia (Bilbao, 9th Feb). Furthermore, 13 of our IQCC women (Dr. Anna Pla-Quintana, Dr. Sílvia Simon, Dr. Sílvia Osuna, Dr. Anna Roglans, Dr. Olga Stasyuk, MSc. Sílvia Escayola, MSc. Cristina Duran, MSc. Míriam Pujals, MSc. Najoua Choukairi, MSc. Laia Vicens, MSc. Helena Giramé, MSc. Anju Manickoth and MSc. Judit Gálvez) are participating in the International Day of Women and Girls in Sciencie initiative of UdG, where more than 50 researchers are being recognized as #ExpertaUdG.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Girona, Feb. 10, 2023
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