2024, International Women’s Day – Women’s IQCC Forum

8th of March is International Women’s Day.  The IQCC has currently a rather favourable balance in gender ratio of staff members, both at the Master level (54%), PhD level (47%), postdocs (17%) and permanent researchers staff (29%). Notably, out of the 4 most recent permanent members, 2 are men and 2 are women, reinforcing one of the goals of the IQCC of striving to have a gender-balanced permanent staff in the near future.

In order to celebrate this day, on the 7th of March there was the fourth IQCC Forum: Women’s  edition, open to the general public. The IQCC Forum: Women’s  edition provides the opportunity for an invited speaker and IQCC researchers to present their work to society.

Schedule (Aula Magna, Science Faculty):

12:30h: Dr. Carla Casadevall (URV and ICIQ) – From molecular complexes to hybrid systems for solar fuels and chemicals
13:10h: Dr. Laia Vicens (IQCC-UdG) –  Supramolecular interactions in bioinspired oxidation catalysis: selective oxidations and ligand design
13:30h: MSc. Cristina Duran (IQCC-UdG) – Altering active site loop dynamics enhances stand-alone activity of tryptophan synthase ?-subunit

Below you can find some photos:

Girona, March 14th, 2024
For more info: ges.iqcc@udg.edu