IQCC Forum: Xmas edition 2023

Last 15th December took place the Xmas edition of the IQCC Forum, a quarterly meeting-place where high-quality science will be discussed. The IQCC Forum gives the opportunity for PhD and postdoc members of the IQCC to present their work to a wide audience. This will lead to better knowledge of the work that is being performed in all the different research groups of the institute, and enables the researchers to communicate their exciting new findings.

Schedule (sala LEAR, Aulari Comú)

Chair: Dr. Ram Mahato

12:00h: Faiza Ahsan – A Tale of Two Topological Isomers: Exploring Reactivity in Syn and Anti Complexes of [FeIV(O)(TMC)]2+
12:15h: Eric Aparicio – Synthesis and characterization of new sterically congested Mn complexes and their application in asymmetric ?-lactonization of non-activated C-H bonds
12:30: Athul Santha Bhaskaran – Exploring the exoheadral reactivity of endohedral fullerene C36
12:45h: Dr. Marco Galeotti – Catalyst and Medium Control over Rebound Pathways in Manganese-Catalyzed Methylenic C-H Bond Oxidation

13:05h: Lunch/pica-pica  (Science Faculty)

Below you can find some photos of the five different speakers and the Chair.

Faiza Ahsan

Eric Aparicio

Athul Santha Bhaskaran

Dr. Marco Galeotti


Dr. Ram Mahato

Girona, December 19, 2023
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