Talking with: Adrià López

Adrià Lòpez was graduated in Chemistry at the University of Girona and he performed the master in the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC), then he did the PhD thesis between the IQCC and the Concetrol company (in Spain) with a AGAUR industrial doctorate fellowship. Then, he worked as a R&D Technician in Concentrol in Spain.

  • Since you pursued an industrial doctoral program, what was your motivation for choosing the industry over doing it at the university?

My motivation was born that I was interested how to apply the theory knowledge in order to help the society.

  • Do you believe that completing the industrial doctoral program has benefited you both academically and professionally? Do you think it is advantageous in the job market? Would you recommend it?

In my opinion yes, because when one’s finish the industrial doctoral program, one has the opportunity to continuo at the same work as well as, it has the experience in business that one’s doesn’t have in the academically way.

  • Now that you have obtained your PhD, have you continued working for the same company? Have your roles within the company changed?

Yes, i have worked during 8 years in the same company, and now, I am the responsible of a line product.

  • Looking back, would you choose to do the MACMoM and the doctoral program linked to the IQCC again?

Of course.

  • What do you expect your life will be in five years?

I hope working in the same company but with more responsibilities.

Girona, November 22th, 2023
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