Former IQCC member Joan Serrano Plana appointed as senior editor by Nature Chemistry (Springer Nature)

Recently, Dr. Joan Serrano Plana, a former IQCC member, was appointed senior scientific editor by Nature Chemistry (Springer Nature). Joan completed his master’s degree and PhD thesis under the supervision of Dr. Anna Company and Prof. Miquel Costas, studying O2 activation and hydrocarbon oxidation by bioinspired iron and copper complexes. During that period, he was also a visiting student at the University of Minnesota (US), where he worked under the supervision of Lawrence Que Jr. After graduating, he moved to Basel (Switzerland) to work in the field of artificial metalloenzymes under the supervision of Thomas R. Ward. Joan was awarded a prestigious Marie Skodowska-Curie individual fellowship to develop iron-based artificial metalloenzymes for oxidation reactions. In May 2020 Joan moved to Germany to join Nature Communications (Springer Nature) as an associate editor. At Nature Communications he handled manuscripts in the field of inorganic, organometallic, and coordination chemistry, and materials. At Nature Chemistry, he will continue handling manuscripts in these areas, and he will also prepare other content for the journal including research highlights, collections, etc.


The IQCC congratulates him warmly and wishes him success in his new adventure!

Girona, October 5, 2023
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