CampusPreBAT and Young Research Campus 2023

Every year in June and July since 2008, the UdG is organizing the 13th CampusPreBAT with the aim to offer a set of activities that show an overview of the areas of knowledge in which the UdG works, the studies that can be taken there as well as the services available to 4th ESO students and Young Research Campus with the aim to awaken the scientific curiosity of young people who are on the verge of becoming university students.

Last 26-30 June 2023 (Campus PreBAT) and 3-7 July 2023 (the Young Research Campus) took place in the UdG. The campus was organized from 9:30 am to 6pm, where there were different workshops. The IQCC participated in different ways: the researcher Dr. Sílvia Simon as director, the researcher Prof. Miquel Duran with the 7 camins cap a un bon Treball de Recerca workshop at Campus PreBAT, the researcher Dr. Ferran Feixas and the PhD students MSc. Daniel Bosch and MSc. Cristina Berga with the Realitat virtual workshop at the Young Research Campus.

Girona, July 20, 2023
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