Antony Stasyuk new Juan de la Cierva-Formación researcher

Today, Antony A. Stasyuk has become a Juan de la Cierva formación researcher of the Institut de Química Computacional i Catàlisi (IQCC) working in the DiMoCat group. Dr. Stasyuk did his PhD in the Warsaw University of Technology on experimental and theoretical studies of excited state proton transfer (ESIPT) processes under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Daniel T. Gryko and Prof. Dr. Micha? Cyra?ski. During his PhD, he spent three months in the IQCC where he proposed computationally the first species with C–H bond as proton donor in ESIPT reactions. He has postdoctoral experience in three research groups (Taiwan – 4 months, Czech Republic – 11 months, IQCC – 13 months). He is working on computational studies of superalkalines and superhalogens. He also investigates the charge transfer processes in fullerenes and endohedral metallofullerenes.