IQCC opened its doors to 95 high-school students from INS Narcís Monturiol, INS Montgrí, INS Celestí Bellera and INS Josep Brugulat

A few times a year, the IQCC opens its doors and gives the opportunity to high-school students to know our work through exciting lectures and computational and experimental workshops. This provides the secondary school pupils the possibility to get a feel for the research and have real-time chemistry in their hands. Last 8th February, it was the turn for the visit of 26 high-school students from INS Narcís Monturiol, 23 of INS Montgrí, 25 INS Celestí Bellera and 21 from INS Josep Brugulat.
In the first part, the director of IQCC (Miquel Solà) gave a brief summary of the IQCC institute and two researchers of IQCC (Anna Company and Marcel Swart) explained their research at the IQCC. Afterwards, the pupils attended four workshops (Changes in the colour with pH; Three reactions in one test-tube and Computational simulations to experience in real life the research in chemistry with the help of some PhD students and postdocs from IQCC (Dr. Albert Artigas, Elias Romero, Judith Sala, Diana Tenica, Judith Gálvez and Cristina Berga).

Below you can find some photos of the visit:

Research talks

Experimental labs

Computational labs


Girona, February 20, 2024
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