Nikita Chaudhary, new Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at IQCC

Dr. Nikita Chaudhary has recently become a new member of the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC) as a Marie Curie Postdocotral Fellow. Dr. Chaudhary obtained her PhD in Chemistry from IIT Roorkee (India) in 2015. During her PhD, she worked with Prof. M. R. Maurya on catalytic role of immobilized vanadium complexes in oxidation reactions. She has 7 years postdoctoral experience, first at Oakland University (USA) with Prof. Evan R. Trivedi to work on a multidisciplinary project at the interface of chemistry and biology. During the second postdoc with Prof. Delia Haynes at Stellenbosch University, she explored the catalytic potential of metalloporphyrin-dithiadiazolyl radical coordination complexes. Later, she worked with Prof. Chanchal Haldar in
the Department of Chemistry, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, India, and at the same institute as a CRF post-doctoral Fellow researching catalytic applications vanadium and copper along with their heterogenization. At this moment, she holds a MSCA fellow position in Dr. Agustí Lledó’s group of the IQCC. She is working on bioinspired functionalization of hydrocarbons in confined spaces. She started in February 2023 and she will be in the IQCC until, at least, January 2025.

We wish her good luck in her research work!

Girona, March 15, 2023
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