ADHOC 2022

During this week (Sep 4-7) there will be the second main event of the year: #ADHOC2022 at the “La Mercè” Auditorium organised by Bioinspired, Supramolecular and Catalysis Chemistry group (QBIS-CAT) of the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC) from University of Girona. The International Symposium on Activation of Dioxygen and Homogeneous Oxidation Catalysis (ADHOC 2022) is a triannual international conference that provides an ideal setting for interactions among academic and industrial researchers with expertise in the activation of molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, organic oxidation reactions, and homogenous oxidation catalysis, in general. Recent ADHOCs took place in Xi’an – China (2018), Madison – USA (2015), Jerusalem – Israel (2012), Venice – Italy (2008), Cologne – Germany (2005), Atlanta – USA (2002) and York – UK (1999).

ADHOC conferences have an outstanding reputation for excellence and highly engaged discussion, and they have become a focal point for scientists at the forefront of the development of new catalysts, new oxidants, new methods for catalytic oxidation, ranging from commodity chemicals to the stereoselective oxidation of pharmaceutical synthetic intermediates, new mechanistic insights into oxidative processes, and many other subjects related to oxidations. The meeting also aims at promoting new collaborations and it brings together young and senior scientists in a beautiful environment and in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Plenary Lectures:
Lawrence Que Jr. (University of Minnesota, US), Franc Meyer (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany), Wonwoo Nam (Ewha Womans University, Korea), Jana Roithova
(Radboud University, The Netherlands), Shannon S. Stahl (University of Wisconsin-Madison, US).

Keynote Lectures:
Albrecht Berkessel (University of Cologne, Germany), Wesley Browne (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Jaeheung Cho (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea), Christophe Copéret (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Samuel de Visser (The University of Manchester, UK), Carole Duboc (Université Grenoble Alpes, France), María Escudero-Escribano (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Ronald Hage (Leiden University, the Netherlands), Ive Hermans (University of Wisconsin-Madison, US), Sonja Herres-Pawlis (Aachen University, Germany), Jean Philip Lumb (McGill University, Canada), Doron Pappo (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel), Kallol Ray (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany) and Joaquim Henrique Teles (BASF, Germany).

Larry Que, one of the Plenary Speakers at ADHOC2022

Contributed Talks:
Alexander Hoffmann (Aachen University, Germany), Lukas Lätsch (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Johannes E. M. N. Klein (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Bert Klein-Gebbink (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Geoffroy Guillemot (Sorbonne Université, France),
Abishek Dey (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India), Federica Sabuzi (Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Italy), Pau Besalú-Sala (Universitat de Girona, Spain), Julio Lloret-Fillol (ICIQ, Spain), Véronique Nardello-Rataj (Université de Lille, France), Chemistry Europe and James Mayer (Yale University, United States).

Girona, Sep. 4, 2022
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