Through-Space Interaction of Tetraphenylethylene: What, Where, and How

Tetraphenylethylene (TPE) is the most prominent representative of the aggregation-induced emission (AIE) class of molecules, a family of compounds that has intense fluorescence in the aggregate state. AIEgens have found applications in biosensing, cell imaging or luminescent materials. This work investigates how the emission color of TPE depends on through-space interactions between the phenyl substituents of the molecule.

It is a collaboration of Lluís Blancafort and Jun Wang with the groups of Ben-Zhong Tang (Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology) and Haoke Zhang (Zhejiang University) and was recently published in Journal of the American Chemical Society:

J. Liu, H. Zhang, L. Hu, J. Wang, J. W. Y. Lam, L. Blancafort, and B.-Z. Tang
“Through-Space Interaction of Tetraphenylethylene: What, Where, and How”
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022, ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.2c02381

Girona, 28 April, 2022
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