Marc Garcia-Borràs starts as new Ramón y Cajal Fellow

On February 1st, 2022, Dr. Marc Garcia Borràs has started his new position at the Department of Chemistry, University of Girona, as a Ramón y Cajal (RyC) Fellow.

The Ramón y Cajal Fellowship program is co-financed by the European Commission’s European Social Fund through the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
These grants are aimed at promoting the incorporation of national and foreign researchers with an outstanding career by the granting of contracts for their employment during 5 years, and the funding for the creation of permanent jobs for their subsequent incorporation in the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation agents. The selection is based on a rigorous process of competitive tender of candidates on the basis of their curricular merits and their ability to lead a line of research, according to the scientific and professional experience, as well as the independence of their career.

As a Ramón y Cajal Fellow, Marc will continue with his role as PI at the IQCC, leading a research Team working on the research line: “Biocatalytic intermediates for the discovery and design of new enzymatic activities”, where he and his team combine computational modelling and experiments to characterize and design new enzymatic functions.

Well done Marc and good luck!!

Girona, February 9, 2022
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