IQCC Forum: Summer edition

Next Tuesday (23th of July, 11.20 h – 14.00 h) will take place the Summer edition of the IQCC Forum, a quarterly meeting-place where high-quality science will be discussed. The IQCC Forum gives the opportunity for PhD and postdoc members of the IQCC to present their work to a wide audience. This will lead to better knowledge of the work that is being performed in all the different research groups of the institute, and enables the researchers to communicate their exciting new findings.

Schedule (Aula PB24, Facultat de Ciències)

  • 11:20h: Margarida Borrell – Iron Catalyzed Selective syn-Dihydroxylation of Alkenes and Characterization of a cis-FeV(O)(OH) Intermediate in the Gas Phase
  • 11.40h: Eila Serrano – Design of Epoxide Ring-Opening Enzymes
  • 12.00h: Albert Artigas – A Rh-Catalyzed Cascade Reaction of 1,5-Bisallenes for the Synthesis of Polycyclic Heterocycles
  • 12:20h: Lorenzo D’Amore – A Highly Reactive Oxoiron(IV) Complex Supported by a Bioinspired N3O Macrocyclic Ligand
  • 12:40h: Lorena Capdevila –  Chemo-Divergent Nickel(0)-Catalyzed Arene C-F Activation with Alkynes: Unprecedented C-F/C-H Double-Insertion
  • 13:00h: Jesús Antonio Luque – Mechanism of the Manganese-Pincer Catalyzed Acceptorless Dehydrogenative Coupling of Nitriles and Alcohols
  • 13:20h: Marc Garcia-Borràs – Computational Characterization of (Enzymatic) Reactive Intermediates for the Discovery and Design of New (Biocatalytic) Chemical Processes
  • 14.00h: Pica-Pica Lunch

We are looking forward to seeing you at the IQCC Forum!

Poster for the Summer Edition of the IQCC Forum

Update: Some pictures of the event.