IQCC Forum: The Xmas edition

This Thursday (Dec. 20, 11.00-13.30h) will take place the second edition of the IQCC Forum, a quarterly meeting-place where high-quality science will be discussed. The IQCC Forum provides the opportunity for young researchers (and more advanced researchers) to present their work to a wide audience. This will lead to better knowledge of the work that is being performed in all the different research groups of the institute, and enables the researchers to communicate their exciting new findings.

Schedule (Sala LEAR, Aulari Montilivi)

  • 11.00h: Giorgio Olivo – Supramolecular control of selectivity in C-H oxidations
  • 11.30h: Laia Vicens – A bottom-up approach towards artificial oxygenases: combination of iron coordination compounds and peptides
  • 11.50h: Christian Curado – Are hidden conformations key for catalytic efficiency of laboratory-evolved monoamine oxidase?
  • 12.10h: Ernest Ubasart – Self-assembled supramolecular nanocages to study reactivity in the confined space
  • 12.30h: Miquel Estévez – Mixing biology, chemistry, computations and experiments. Exploration and design of new HheC variants
  • 12.50h: Pau Font – Oxidant-free gold-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions

We are looking forward to seeing you at the IQCC Forum!

Update: Some pictures of the event: