Xavi Ribas repeats the ICREA Acadèmia award

Today ICREA announced the list of winners of the ICREA Acadèmia awards 2015, among which are two names from the University of Girona: Ramon Brugada (Medicine) and Xavi Ribas (IQCC and Chemistry). Congratulations to both!

For Xavi Ribas, member of IQCC and ERC-Starting Grant holder, it is the second consecutive time that he receives the award to continue and enhance the research he is carrying out at the IQCC. As ICREA mentions on the news item, this recognition improves the visibility of the awarded researcher, his collaborations, and gives a boost for the research of the investigators. For all of these reasons, it is splendid news, both for the IQCC and the Univ. Girona.