Cover Dalton Transactions on metathesis catalysts

Today a new paper was published in Dalton Transactions on metathesis catalysts to rationalise the structural, electronic and spectroscopic properties of Mo and W imido olefin metathesis catalysts by using either simplified or actual ligands of the experimental complexes.

A. Poater, X. Solans-Monfort, E. Clot, C. Copéret, and O. Eisenstein
“DFT calculations of d0 M(NR)(CHtBu)(X)(Y) (M = Mo, W; R = CPh3 , 2,6-iPr–C6 H3 ; X and Y = CH2 tBu, OtBu, OSi(OtBu)3 ) olefin metathesis catalysts: structural, spectroscopic and electronic properties”
Dalton Trans. 2006, 3077-3087
DOI: 10.1039/b604481f

It was a collaboration between the research group of Odile Eisenstein and Albert Poater of the IQCC. It featured the inside front cover as well!

Cover Dalton 2006