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The Chemistry A European Journal features on its front cover the recently published research article “The Insertion of EII and EIV Chlorides (E=Si, Ge) into the Si?Si Bond of Disilylene”.

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Reactions of silicon and germanium dichlorides L?ECl2 (E=Si, L=IPr; E=Ge, L=dioxane) with the phosphinoamidinato-supported disilylene ({?2(N,P)-NNP}Si)2 resulted in formal tetrylene insertions into the Si?Si bond. In the case of the reaction with silylene, two products were isolated. The first product ({?2(N,P)-NNP}Si)2SiCl2, is the formal product of direct SiCl2 insertion into the Si?Si bond of ({?2(N,P)-NNP}Si)2 and thus features two separated silylamido silylene centers. Over time, migration of the SiCl2 group to a lateral position afforded the second product, the disilylene {?2(Si,P)?SiCl2NNP}Si?Si{?2(N,P)-NNP}. In contrast, insertion of GeCl2 resulted only in the isolation of the germanium analogue of {?2(Si,P)?SiCl2NNP}Si?Si{?2(N,P)-NNP}, containing a Ge atom in the central position namely, compound {?2(Si,P)?SiCl2NNP}Ge?Si{?2(N,P)-NNP}, which is a rare example of a silylene-germylene. Finally, reaction of disilylene ({?2(N,P)?NNP}Si)2 with SiCl4 and SiHCl3 led to the formation of the new bis(silyl)silylene, ({NNP}SiCl2)2Si:. All four new products from these insertion reactions have been characterized by multinuclear NMR and single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies.

The corresponding paper was published recently:

A.G. Baradzenka, S.F. Vyboishchikov, M. Pilkington, A. Dmitrienko and G.I. Nikonov
“The Insertion of EII and EIV Chlorides (E=Si, Ge) into the Si?Si Bond of Disilylene”
Chemistry A European J 2022, 28, ASAP-
DOI: 10.1002/chem.202202799

Girona, December 21, 2022
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