Third IQCC Challenges Live Talk: Enantioselective C-H Activation

The IQCC started a new series of online talks to address challenges in the research fields where the IQCC is playing a role, through the investigations of one of the Principal Investigators. An external expert is invited to give a seminar, together with one of the junior researchers of the IQCC. These complementary views will highlight the current state-of-the-art on that topic, discuss possible bottlenecks and how they are being solved, and will provide an outlook into the future.

The kickoff of the series took place in September and coming Thursday, January 27, there will be the next edition which deals with Enantioselective C-H Activation. The IQCC Challenges will be held online through the GoToMeet platform, and is free to attend to anyone interested in the topic. Please register if you would like to join us at the kickoff meeting next week (, or have a look at the upcoming topics! (

Thu. January 27, 14.30h-16.00h (CET)

2.30pm, Dr. Miquel Costas (IQCC), “Welcome and Introduction”
2.35pm, Andrea Palone (IQCC), “Simultaneous Generation of Multiple Chiral Centers by Enantioselective C-H Hydroxylation of Tertiary C-H Bonds”
3.30pm, Prof. Nicolai Cramer (EPFL LCSA, Switzerland), “Enantioselective Catalysis and C-H Functionalizations with 3d-Transition-Metals”

Girona, Jan. 20, 2022
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