Second Supramolecular Symposium in Girona

Today took place in Girona the Second Supramolecular Symposium in Girona organized by the IQCC, where we had the pleasure of having three renowned speakers from the field of supramolecular chemistry:

Julius Rebek
Prof. Julius Rebek (Scripps Institute)
Lee Cronin
Prof. Lee Cronin (Univ. Glasgow)
Makoto Fujita
Prof. Makoto Fujita (Univ. Tokyo)

Between the three of them, a variety of different topics were discussed, ranging from cavitands, self-assembly, robots, metal-organic frameworks, mathematics, polyoxometalates, philosophy, origin of life, and molecular polyhedra. The Symposium was too short, and we would have liked it to continue much longer in order to hear more about the fascinating science that these three frontline researchers are carrying out. We are very grateful for the willingness of the three invited speakers to come to Girona and hope to see them again in Girona!