Research teams

Marc Garcia-Borràs

Biocatalytic intermediates for the discovery and design of new enzymatic activities

Pedro Salvador

Chemical concepts from wavefunction analysis

Josep Maria Luis

Nonlinear Optical Properties and Theoretical Chemistry

Ferran Feixas

ACCEMBLY: Accelerating (Bio)molecular Recognition, Assembly, and Catalysis

Anna Pla-Quintana

Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis

Lluís Blancafort

Excited States and Non-Adiabatic Processes

Anna Company

Unravelling the mechanisms behind O2 and N2O activation

Miquel Costas

Biologically inspired design of transition metal reactivity and catalysis

Agustí Lledó

Molecular recognition and bioinspired catalysis with artificial receptors

Sílvia Osuna

Computational design of proficient enzymes: exploring the molecular basis of biocatalysis

Albert Poater

Multicatalysis for the functionalization of organic substrates, water oxidation and CO2 fixation

Xavi Ribas

Sustainable C-H functionalization catalysis and Supramolecular chemistry at the confined space of nanocapsules

Miquel Solà

Catalysis and Aromaticity

Marcel Swart

Spinning around in transition-metal chemistry