Research teams

Anna Pla

Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis

Lluís Blancafort

Excited States and Non-Adiabatic Processes

Anna Company

Unravelling the mechanisms behind O2 and N2O activation

Miquel Costas

Biologically inspired design of transition metal reactivity and catalysis

Agustí Lledó

Biomimetic catalysis in self-assembled cavitand receptors

Sílvia Osuna

Computational design of proficient enzymes: exploring the molecular basis of biocatalysis

Albert Poater

Multicatalysis for the functionalization of organic substrates, water oxidation and CO2 fixation

Xavi Ribas

Sustainable C-X and C-H functionalization catalyzed by first-row transition metals

Miquel Solà

Catalysis and Aromaticity

Marcel Swart

Spinning around in transition-metal chemistry