The IQCC is an active source of dissemination and communication activities and has a proven track record in this area. The unit follows two strategies for communication. The first one is direct communication activities of IQCC, by means of corporate platforms (website, social media) and individual promotion by the researchers or research teams. This includes meetings with the general public (e.g. research presentations at high schools). The second one is the alliance with the Unit for Science Culture and Digital Communication (C4D) of the UdG, which is directed by IQCC researcher Dr. Sílvia Simon and can be considered an offspring of the IQCC. Prof. Miquel Duran and Dr. Sílvia Simon (permanent staff of the University and IQCC members) are very experienced researchers in science outreach and communication. The C4D organizes the yearly Researchers’ Night events of the UdG, sponsored by the European Commission, since 2008, and fosters innovation in science communication through the organization of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The C4D also has an innovative line in science communication through magic led by IQCC researcher Prof. Miquel Duran (Magic and Science, financed by FECYT).

Dissemination to others research units

Some of the dissemination activities open to other research units. Thus, scientists not belonging to the unit (from UdG or other centres in Catalonia) will be invited to attend both the IQCC Forum and the Science Slam, with the aim to establish interdisciplinary interactions, which are of utmost importance in the next mission-oriented research and innovation of Horizon Europe program.

Science Slam

Public Awareness of Science

IQCC keeps on developing initiatives to increase the positive perception of science and chemistry among citizenship with special focus on the Girona area. Thus, the unit is organizing the European Researchers’ Night and members of the unit participates in Science Festivals (Ciencia entre tots, YOMO, …). They also be involved in delivering informative talks about science and research in secondary schools and other forums. The use of 3D virtual reality (Walking Through Molecules) and 3D Printing help to design workshops to bring IQCC research close to the general public. Finally, the licensed TEDxUdG events coordinated by Dr. M Duran is used disseminate some of the research outputs arising from this SRP.

European Researchers’ Night

Informative talks

Promoting Scientific Careers

Promoting science and research among high-school students to foster scientific careers has been one of the main objectives of the outreach activities taking place at IQCC. In this line, we have the visits of secondary schools to the unit, the 1-week stays in the IQCC laboratories of selected participants of the Young Researchers Campus organized every summer by UdG, the involvement of IQCC members in advanced science lessons in the Vicens Vives high-school (Girona) in the context of the International Baccalaureate Program, financed by the Cellex Foundation, Joves i Ciencia” (Fundacio Cat-La Pedrera); Summer Campus on Magic and Science, CiMs+Cellex; and Botet-i-Siso program of UdG for co-tutoring high-school research papers PreBat Summer Campus


Upcoming activities

– Recerkids (2020)
– Researchers’ Night (09.2020)

Previous activities

The institute has been pioneer in Spain in the participation and organization of activities directed towards communication of science to society;

Participation in and/or preparation of dissemination events:
– Visit the IQCC high-school students from Institut Salvador Espriu (02.2020)
– Lectures at Schools from Dr. Sílvia Osuna, Dr. Sílvia Simon and Carla Calvó (02.2020)
– Round-table discussion at “Científiques Catalanes 2.0” from Dr. Sílvia Osuna (02.2020)
– Talk at the City Council of Girona from Dr. Sílvia Simon (02.2020)
– “Capsules de Comunicacio” – for PhD students (2019)
– S. Simon and M. Duran being part of organizing committee of International Year of Periodic Table 2019 (IYPT2019) in Catalonia.
– YOMO (2017, 2018, 2019)
– S. Simon and M. Duran performing near 30 dissemination talks during 2019 related to IYPT2019.
– The Science Fair: “Ciencia entre tots” and “Petits Grans Cientifics” (since 2008 to 2019)
– Members of the institute participate regularly in international conferences on Science Communication: CSC2010, NanCy2013, ISI2016, EuChem2016, Biennal2017, ECRiCE2017 Biennal2018, CSC2017, CSC2019, ICERI2019.
– Researchers’ Night (2011-2019): S. Simon has coordinated RN-events since 2008 within the program FP7-PEOPLE-NIGHT and H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2014 with up to 14 partner institutions. This has placed the University of Girona as a reference in Spain.
– Science Week at Faculty of Science of the UdG (2012-2018)
– Science Day at Secondary Schools (2012-2018)
– Organization and participation in TED events: TEDxWomen (29/5/2015), TEDxUdG (05/10/2018)
– Recerkids (2018)
– ResBetLive – Associated Event of Researchers’ Night (2016-2017); EuNightCat – Associated Event of European Researchers’ Night (2018-2019)
– Courses for secondary school teachers in the Institute of Educ. Sci. of the UdG. “Experiments in the Classroom and Mathemagic” in collaboration with FCRi (2013, 2014 and 2015), “Computational Tools” (2015-2016).
– NinsLab and GiroLab (2015-2016)
– Divulcat.cat – M. Solà being one of the experts
– MOOCs “Investigacion Cientifica 2.0.1: Claves para la Sociedad Digital”, “Descubriendo la quimica: de la alquimia a las particulas subatomicas”. (2013) Magia, Ciencia y secretos Inconfesables and Quimica Zero. (2015)