Month: January 2019

Olga Stasyuk, new Juan de la Cierva researcher

Starting 1stJanuary 2019, Olga A. Stasyuk has become a Juan de la Cierva-formación postdoc researcher of the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC) working in the DiMoCat group. Dr. Stasyuk obtained her PhD at the Warsaw University of Technology in 2015. During her doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Halina Szatylowicz, she investigated the

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Hidden conformations are key for catalytic efficiency

Today appeared in Angewandte Chemie a paper by Sílvia Osuna and co-workers where they used Markov state models to discover hidden conformations. Enzymes exist as an ensemble of conformational states, whose populations can be shifted by substrate binding, allosteric interactions, but also by introducing mutations to their sequence. Tuning the populations of the enzyme conformational

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Talking with: Eduard Matito

Eduard Matito was graduated in Chemistry at the University of Girona and he performed the PhD in the former Institut de Química Computacional (IQC) under the supervision of Prof. Miquel Solà and Prof. Miquel Duran in the field of computational chemistry and method development. Then, he worked as a postdoctoral investigator in the groups of

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