Gioxcat spin-off company opens up

LastJuly 20th 2018,GIOXCAT SL spin-off companyfrom the University of Girona was constituted. The new company will be located in the Scientific and Technological Park, and has been founded by the researchers from the IQCC institute Miquel Costas, Xavi Ribas and Cristina Garcia.

GIOXCAT SL activity will be based on the know-how developed by the QBIS-CAT group, more specifically on their expertise in iron and manganese oxidation reactions, and copper-catalyzed cross coupling reactions.

The spin-off company wants to become an essential support for the R+D+I departments of small-medium pharmaceutical companies, by offering a consultancy service in order help them to optimize or to implement more inexpensive and more environmentally friendly chemical processes.

The target market for the products and services offered by GIOXCAT comprises two main sectors:  a) specialized consultancy services for chemical and pharmaceutical industries and b) manufacturing and sale of isotopically labelled reagents, with interest both in academic or industry research.

The Gioxcat spin-off is now officially open for business