Main scope

The Girona Seminars have taken place in the historic town of Girona every two years since back to 1993, with the aim of bringing together, in a beautiful environment and in an informal and friendly atmosphere, young and senior scientists.

For 2010, we have decided to continue the organization of the Girona Seminars that started in 1993 and has continued until 2008 with the VIII edition. The IX Girona Seminar will be held at the Universitat de Girona from July 5th until July 8th 2010 and will be dedicated to Prof. Dr. Ramon Carbó-Dorca on occasion of his 70th birthday.

The aim of the conference is to give the audience an impression of the recent developments and applications of quantum chemistry for the analysis of the electron density, density matrices, and density functional theory. This will be the main subject, although, following the philosophy of the previous Girona Seminars, other aspects such as theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, mathematical chemistry, molecular similarity, molecular properties, nature of the chemical bond, and quantitative structure-property relationships will be also welcome.

Conference organizers

Prof. Dr. Miquel Solà
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Lluís Blancafort
Vice-chairman of the Local organizing Comitee

Dr. Pedro Salvador
Secretary of the Local organizing Comitee

Dr. Jordi Poater
Vice-secretary of the Local organizing Comitee


Scientific Commitee

International Advisory Board

Evert Jan Baerends (The Netherlands)
F. Matthias Bickelhaupt (The Netherlands)
Patrick Bultinck (Belgium)
Jerzy Cioslowski (Poland)
David Cooper (United Kingdom)
Jacek Karwowski (Poland)
Gernot Frenking (Germany)
Paul Geerlings (Belgium)
Peter Gill (Australia)
Kimihiko Hirao (Japan)
Istvan Mayer (Hungary)
Paul Mezey (Canada)
Angel Martin-Pendás (Spain)
Robert Ponec (Czech Republic)
Andreas Savin (France)
Jesús Ugalde (Spain)

Local Advisory Board

Emili Besalú
Miquel Duran
Josep M. Luís
Sílvia Simon
Marcel Swart
Alexander Voityouk
Sergei Vyboishchikov